Planner Time!


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a stationery whore.  My birthday is at the end of August, and I remember the butterflies in my tummy as I would take my birthday pennies to Woolworths to buy stationery ready for the return to school.

Even now there’s few things that turn me on as much as new pens or the first page of a succulent new pad.  Ah,  I am obsessed!  Yet despite my love of writing, one thing I’ve never been good at is journal-ing or keeping a diary.  It’s a facet of my character – for the most part, the past bores me, so once something has happened, especially if it’s dull daily life, I’m unlikely to want to dwell on it.

Of course, that doesn’t stop me buying the perfect planner or diary EVERY year and maybe using a page or 2 before it inevtiably starts to decompose in the corner.  This year I bought 3 – 3!  And I never use them lol.  I’ve tried Erin Condren, Paperchase, Filofax, nothing has grabbed me.  But this year …. it *may* be different.

The planner craze has changed in the last year.  One word – stickers!  And suddenly something that appeared serious, dull and adultlike, has become fun and primed to release my inner child.  I love choosing stationery – really, I could spend hours, and I DID – and eventually I settled on this one, as it met my most important requirements.

Firstly, I wanted a planner that was A4 size, not Erin Condren size.  Secondly, this layout is essential for me – a month at a glance, in a lovely grid –


and actually, the colour scheme was the least relevant.  I opted for Sherlock, not because I love the show (I’ve never even watched it), but because it had the most neutral colour scheme.


Although I applaud her, I personally didn’t like the Erin Condren format, and of course, most other planners follow this format.  I liked that this planner had lines, didn’t force me to compartmentalise my days into 3 chunks, and left me oodles of room.

So let’s take a look at how this last week looked on my planner.  The end of Dec / beginning of January.  You have nooooo idea how inutterably exicted I was to get cracking.  As I had most of this week to myself, most of the planning was devoted to The Crumpet, and getting a load of challenge manis prepared –


Look – stickers!!  multiple stickers!!  nice chunky lists !!  milestones – launched! Oh and boring normal stuff like appointments and shopping lists.


Look, haven’t I done well!


You’ll see I’ve also used the planner for brainstorming, and recording achievements – notice “blobbing” for Saturday lol.  And here’s how this coming week looks –


Ooooh – so why does next week look blank – do I have nothing planned? Well, I certainly wasn’t going to add a sticker for every day just to remind me to go to work.  I also have some code in there – the lilac stickers show when Beth is with me.  And oooh look – there’s a little bit of Crumpet planning for Friday, with the nail art challenge mani that’s due –


And part of my reason for having a planner is that it be part planner, part journal, part chronicle of my year trying to be an adult (of which you’ll hear LOTS more soon), so it’s only going to look complete by the time the week has ended.

Here’s the next week, where my Digital Dozen manis are planned out – with nail polish bottle stickers and washi tape 🙂



So I mentioned stickers …. just a few ?  I decided on lilac as my main colour theme – I wanted the planner to have one tone, and lilac is the colour of my calm –



The afore-mentioned nail polish stuff –



Stickers to honour reading and writing –




Stickers for “life” –



Post-its for colour –






The final thing I had to fix was bookmarking.  This planner didn’t come with anything to mark my current page, so I ended up buying a couple of funky paperclips to mark my current and next month “grids” –


and some swishy red ribbon which I tied to the spine so that I could move it to mark any place I wanted –  crafty, eh!



Oh and let’s not forget that a new planner is a GREAT EXCUSE for a new rainbow of pens !!!  Hoorah!


Lol – I hope you’ve had fun having a sneak peek – I’ll keep you updated on how the planner plan goes.  Which planner are you using this year?

[I bought my planner from Ruskerville on Etsy – and they still have the Doctor Who version in stock!!!!]



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  1. Mina says:

    This was a fun read and you made me even more want to get a planner for myself – I’ve been even looking into planner instagram profiles thingies
    I want to believe it’ll help me get things done! haha
    Lovin’ the blog so far – getting a piece of your mind is lovely! You go, tiger! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. debhoorah says:

      rarrrrrr! haha xx


  2. Love it!! That nail polish washi tape will be mine! I quite like the layout of your Sherlock planner and I definitely think you should change the fact that you haven’t watched the show – it’s good! I’m always glad to find fellow planner nerds ❤


    1. debhoorah says:

      nerds unite! xx


  3. Love it!! That nail polish washi tape will be mine! I quite like the layout of your Sherlock planner and I definitely think you should change the fact that you haven’t watched the show – it’s good! I’m always glad to find fellow planner nerds ❤


  4. Love it and you have beautiful handwriting! You definitely need to add watching Sherlock to your Sherlock planner. :p


    1. debhoorah says:

      mwahahahaha xx but not Midsomer Murders, I really do draw the line at that!


  5. Glad to know I am not the only one to only use a few pages of a planner. I love how yours is set up. And those stickers are adorable! Gotta get my butt in gear to find another planner to “use”, no I will use it. 🙂


  6. Bee Justice says:

    Love it!! Planning is my favorite too! I’ve always loved stationary and crafts of all kinds!


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