Brain Food 01.16


I thought it might be fun to document my “cultural” achievements each week, whether that’s binge-watching Netflix, or actually writing, or doing my nails.  Like all food, some is exquisite, some is bland, and some is junk of the guiltiest kind 🙂

I’m hoping – nooooo, determined – that as I go through the year, there will be a lot more writing, as writing is what I love, and it’s also what calms me.

So, let’s look back on this last week –

The Following – season 3.  I’ve had this recorded since it aired in the UK months ago.  From the adverts that accompanied it, I’m guessing that may have been all the way back in March lol.  I enjoyed the last 2 series – the twistiness, the acting, the quality of the piece, although they did reach a whole new level of psycho.  There were holes in the plot in every series, and there were in series 3, but hey, I’m not watching it for the realism.

This one seemed to lose the plot a little earlier than the previous 2 seasons – but I think when you binge watch, it’s easier to ride out that wave.  I kept waiting for Zuleikha Robinson to be revealed as a villain, but in a genius move, she was cast against type and remained innocent, if super dull.  I didn’t really dig the ending.  Presumably Kevin Bacon has now headed off to join Dexter somewhere.

Ah, Humans!  I adored this!  This was my binge watch over Christmas, but Beth kept rationing me to 3 episodes a day.  This was amazing, about the age-old dilemma of AI and whether robots will ever rule us.

The best thing though, wasn’t the sci fi angle, but the very human angle.  All the characters went through changes over the 8 episodes, and that’s what gave this show heart as well as hope.  Intensely moving, which was the last thing I was expecting.  Big Hoorah!

I’ve been reading Jonathan Bate’s biography of Ted Hughes for 3 or 4 weeks now.  Although I haven’t touched it often, I’ve always managed to devour a chunk whenever I’ve picked it up.

Admittedly, my interest in Hughes is mainly borne of my love for Sylvia Plath, a poet of unequalled talent, and Hughes’s masterpiece, Birthday Letters, which belatedly declared his utter, heartbroken love for her.  I’m reading it to try and find more facts about their life together (rather than myths), and it’s tragic in ways I didn’t expect.

Overall, I thought this was well-rounded and not overly histrionic.  I learnt more about Hughes than I knew before, and felt fuzzy all over again about how, in ways I hadn’t anticipated, he never really got over her.  It gave me new admiration for how much he promoted her writing, despite the pain and personal cost.

So what’s new this week?  Well no book on the go, but 2 new TV series.  I am loving Blinndspot, which to be honest, had me hooked from the first trailer I saw for it.

A woman is dumped, in a bag, in Times Square.  Her body is covered in tattoos and she has no memory?  What’s not to love lol.  It works so well because there are multiple strands – how did she end up there / how to decode the tattoos / plus the action in each episode.  Total Winner.

Beth and I have also started watching Suits.  It’s been on my watchlist for ages and wow – loving it.

This is a great example of the show synopsis not selling the show very well.  It sounds dull, bland, run of the mill.  What you GET is razor-sharp dialogue, a pair of smart asses, great acting and chemistry ….  this is a GOODIE.

What’s feeding your brain this week?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mina says:

    You just got me curious on The Following, Humans and Suits – probably my next ones to watch, although I don’t know where I’ll ever find the time 😉
    Thanks, luv!


    1. debhoorah says:

      haha – time … time …. wherefore art thou!


  2. The first season of The Following was the best. I want to watch Blindspot, it’s on my list. Currently watching Making a Murderer and reading Hyperbole and a Half.


  3. Glowstars says:

    I loved the Following and Humans. I’m really tempted by Blindspot but don’t want to get into something that’s going to take a lot of energy and concentration to watch because I just can’t manage it at the moment. Should I, or should I hang on till I’m more with it again?


    1. debhoorah says:

      it doesn’t take much concentration Vic – it’s just PERFECT action. I don’t try to puzzle it out, I just buckle up for the ride. Do it!! x


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