The Naughtier Rabbit Hole

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Hi ladies.  Today my chronicle of dating desperado takes you down the rabbit hole that is the OTHER dating website, one less filled with fish and more filled with one-eyed snakes 😉


So first of all, why would a respectable woman join such a website?  Welllllll …. a variety of reasons –

  • as I’ve said, the pool in Lincolnshire is very shallow, very very verrrry, so the chance to explore other pools, even if they have scum on the surface, is worthwhile from a numbers perspective
  • hey, you never know, you might find someone shy and lost on that website, wondering where the fish are lol
  • sometimes you don’t want to wade through the people looking for marriage, a serious relationship, the love of their life etc etc.  All I want is fun, so why not find it on the website of fun?


Now, as I said the other day, the etiquette of this website is different.  Profile pictures tend to be of anything but the face.  What’s interesting is that once the face disappears, so too does the person, and people start to pretend to be things they are not, and all pretence at manners disappears.

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Now, I have found a rare couple of people on this site who speak in sentences,  and with good spelling and grammar, but they are the minority.  So too are those with imagination.  Yes the site is all about sex, but mental stimulation and anticipation would appear, to me at least, to be fairly essential.   How are you going to decide to get yourself some fun if the package doesn’t turn you on?  The majority however are stubbornly resistant to any kind of mental engagement lol.  Here’s a selection of today’s messages, from the very first PING! ……

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you are absolutely stunning – aw, thanks.  Aw, that’s made me feel all smiley

can i bend you over and fuck u with my very large thick cock.   Er ….. no?   A hello would be nice?

do you want to fuck tonight?  er …. no, I promised the daughter we would watch Suits and i have to be up early for work tomorrow.  Hello by the way.

from a 66 yr old male – can you fuck during the day?  yes of course, I am just lying around in my negligee waiting for your PING!  No you pensioner,  I work full-time ….    5 mins later – are you a good fuck?  I don’t even know your NAME !!!!

a priceless gem from India … INDIA???  why??  wuh .. does not compute!  hi fucking lady i am feeling like my cock is in wonder … what does this even MEAN ???

Hi I’m James are you ok to chat?  THUD …. wuh … head dizzy …. that was … normal?  and no, sadly because although you’re hung like a stallion you’re 150 miles away ggggrrrrr

hey sexy – from a 22 yr old !!! lol.  The audactity haha

hello xx – perfect.  From FRANCE.  Not perfect at all.  I doubt it will reach that far, love.

Hey, how you doing? – Joey Tribiani is alive and well!   Anyone else find “hey” a tiny bit aggressive?

do you squirt?  I shit you not.  That is honestly the way he greeted me.  Fuck off you fuckwit.

Message from pleasuresfouru – just no, on spelling grounds, no

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I think is this gonna take some time …….


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