Dating Doldrums

Today is one of the those days where you just wish there was someone to share your life with.  Someone to snuggle up to in bed while you watch films, someone to annoy while you’re trying to tidy the house, someone to just HUG.    As Annie Lennox so perfectly said, “I just want someone to hold”.



So this week started badly at work.  I’m good at what I do (managing a sales team), but for some reason, at the company I’m currently at, hitting that target just ain’t happening.  Do I think it’s my fault?  No, I honestly don’t, but that doesn’t stop my paranoia, anxiety and low self-esteem chorussing their…

Who Am I?

Today I’m going to start to get to the heart of why this blog exists.  Why I’m doing it, why I feel it needs recording, and what I hope will come from it.  It’s not a pretty story, but I really hope it will have a beautiful ending.   I’m going to start about 15…